We are so grateful to have you back & look forward to continuing to create memories with you!

At this time, Liberty House is open for dining and private events.

For more information please contact our concierge team


Liberty House’s Pledge to our Guests:

            • We wear face coverings for contact with our customers

            • We facilitate social distancing & prevent congestion by modifying our layout

            • We follow hygiene guidelines, including regular handwashing

            • We clean high-touch surfaces frequently

            • We train our employees on new health & sanitizing protocols

            • We conduct health screenings while respecting our staff’s privacy

            • We support public health contact tracing efforts, while complying with privacy

            • We require employees with symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home

Our Guests Pledge to Liberty House:

      • Stay home if you’re not feeling well

      • Keep your distance (6 feet)

      • Facial coverings must be worn when entering or exiting the premise, as well as when going to the restroom